Thursday, June 17

LA times

Wow, what a trip. A real trip.

Just stepped off the plane back in England and am trying to process the amazing places and things I've seen in the past week while in LA... not to mention the many great people I've finally had the chance to meet.

Matt Davis and his lovely wife Justina were amazing hosts: thank you so much, I feel I've cemented a valuable friendship with you both.

Matt let me ride his Pan while I was staying with him, so I got to actually ride to Born Free which was a blast. The ride back was ... ahem ... an adventure.

But more on all that soon... I need a cup of tea and a nice sit down.


Nobbi said...

have a good time!!

Bacon said...

it was great to meet you Guy

cro said...

Guy, great meeting you! Sorry about missing you guys after Alex's Bar, we had some bumps in the road as well.

If you find yourself in LA again, my door is open.


Guy@GK said...

Cro... Matt's gonna shoot your shovel for me! Sorry I didn't have time, and I know you're busy right now. It was a pleasure meeting you and JD.