Monday, May 31

Doris's 90th birthday bitter

Did a 200 mile shakedown run on the Pan this long weekend, taking in the Vintage Motorcycle Club's Lakeland rally. For various reasons I left too late on Sunday to catch (or at least photograph) the fine collection of old Brit bikes there, other than to see various Rudges, Ariels and Velos ridden past me at speed by dapper old gents in pisspot lids.

The venue was a micro-brewery pub called the Old Crown, which served some very nice ales including our favourite, Doris's 90th Birthday bitter. Rode back today via Johnny's place (he rode his very cool homebuilt Hinckley Triumph caff racer)... stopped in for a hangover-bustin' cuppa and to see the new garage he's just built. He's going to be riding Pete's old red Triumph (which hasn't been on the road for 20 years) to Linkert Attacks in four weeks' time. Good luck mate!

The Pan ran really well... though one of the cylinder base gaskets has started weeping. A job that will keep for now.

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Pete Stansfield said...

Shed looks good but Johnny didnt look that rough when i left him on Saturday ! Sausages cooked with a fag on, excellent.