Friday, May 28

Issue 15... I'm in LOVE

If you subscribe, your copy will be winging its way to you middle of next week.

If you don't subscribe, you'll have to wait until they hit our store or your favourite retailer.

If there's a store near you that you think should stock the mag, please let us know!

In issue 15:

Irish Rich confronts the parts pirates
Cover story: Jeremiah and Love Cycles
Taku's Pan... built by Ace in Kobe as an heirloom for his son
Jake's Evo Sporty: this machine is badass!
Al Braff's '67 Triumph... with big connections to the 60s chopper scene – and Dave Mann!
Jeff Baer's '57 Panhead: if bikes could talk, this one would have a few NJ tales to tell
Revenge Run! GKM sponsored it... here are some great photos
Swiss shovel: there ain't nothin' neutral about this chopper!
Paul Whitehurst wows us again with his VL/Knuck/Crocker special!
Gak's Knuck: the owner of HawgHolic takes to the streets on another patina-perfect chop
The English Don Story: Indian Larry's partner tells all that's legal to print!
Ali's Sporty... built by Benny, shot by Bobby, this ironhead is a cracker!


Oldtimerworkshop said...

One of the best covers I've seen on any mag, nice work.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Phoenix REPRESENT!!! YAY Jeremiah and great.

Cyrus said...

Jeremiah e famiglia 10 e lode!

B Harlow said...

dude, that is the best cover ever. period. you rule for putting that up front.