Friday, May 21

Living in the back of beyond...

...has one or two advantages. Guns are easier to come by, and the roads around here are beautiful for relaxed riding.

There's hardly any traffic, and the miles and miles of single track roads wend their way through picturesque villages and farmland that you know probably haven't changed a great deal since the middle ages. I went for a gentle meander late this afternoon in genuine t-shirt weather. Lovely.

The only things to watch out for are suddenly-emerging tractors and pheasants darting from the hedgerows.

The Pan is running really well... all it needs before doing some real mileage this summer is a tighten up, a Linkert-tinker and a refreshing Morris 50wt transfusion. I might see if I can get any function from the rear brake, but don't think I'll have time.

Yes, the old tins are back on. I ran out of time trying to get the 'transformation' right, and just want to ride the bike now until winter hits again and I can revisit that elusive look I'm seeking.


Steve@strathbran said...

nothing beats it, open road, sweet running motor, a bit of sunshine ... ace
getting the look right always takes second place

Liam said...

I know that you've spent a lot of money on the (now postponed) redo, and I know it's nothing that couldn't be reversed, but I think that bike's genuinely beautiful completely as is!

andrew said...

Its a good look Guy. I prefer this look to the last one. This is very classic yet a bit custom. Good look.

Bacon said...

the bike rules, would love to ride over there someday