Friday, May 14

The legendary 'Carl's Cycle Supply' poster

I've got stuff tucked away in boxes that has been around the world with me (twice)... and some of them haven't been opened in years. I was looking for something (can't remember what) yesterday and first found a beautiful 1940s gaberdine jacket that I've had for about 25 years... and mice had eaten literally one sleeve.

My disappointment at finding the jacket soon dispelled when I found some tubes with prints and posters in them that I've been meaning to frame for years. And this was one of them.

As far as I know, these were produced by Carl's Cycle Supply in South Dakota years ago but have long since been out of print. I got this from a super-cool greybeard H-D mechanic in Oz who had bought a couple of the prints from Carl himself and had a spare; I probably don't need to say any more... take a look at the pics. If anyone's interested, I'll try and get a few more close ups of these amazing photos that I've never seen anywhere else.

I could say something about 'real bobbers', but... what's the point?

[[EDIT: Got a great reply from Matthew Olsen (Carl's son) from Carl's Cycle Supply on the ChopCult site about the history of these prints:

"My daddy used to hang out with one of the guys in the pictures on the poster back in the seventies. They would just get together and talk bikes. He gave my dad a bunch of the pictures and my dad printed up 2000 of the posters. We had a ton of them for a very long time, I remember laying them down and using them as a bench cover to assemble motors on when I was in High School, we thought we would never run out of them. Well we did finally run out of them and now they are all gone. Thanks for posting, those things are neat."]]


Rowan said...

Fuck it Guy... you know i'll step up to the mark

they ARE Bobbers... ha ha

Quaffmeister said...

The real deal there Guy, nice.
That's not a new Crocker picture there is it?

matt@machine said...

very cool.

Knuckle Buster said...

I have had one hanging in shop for years. Everytime I look at it I see something new! Love it!

Wes said...

Guy when are you going to put up more enlargements of these photos.