Wednesday, May 26

It's black and white to me

Found this the other day. Check out the date on the print – October 1998! I printed this off Chopper Dave's website to add to my little file of 'love it' motorcycle images. And remember, back then bikes like this weren't on every page of every chopper mag on the newsstands... Dave's website was the only place (if you didn't live in SoCal!) to see this period custom stuff.

This bike had a big influence on all the bikes I've had since I saw it. Though I think I've at last weaned myself off whitewalls.

(But never say never... I'm still a fifties throwback. My wife calls me a fat old Ted. Remember how Vic used to call Mark Lamarr a '1950s binman' on Shooting Stars? Mark was a great dancer back in The Royalty days; his moniker was 'Yogi' back then because of a little-revealed back tattoo).

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