Thursday, May 6

The Shovel's gonna rise again

It seems stupid to say I love Shovelheads, because I love all old Harley-Davidsons. (Although I find it hard to get excited about Servi-Cars).

But they do hold a special place in my affections because after making do on a few ropey ironhead Sportsters, buying a Shovel felt like I'd finally achieved the Harley dream. And is it just me, or are they having a bit of a resurgence at the moment?

Matt's Shovelhead is a built-to-ride, hardcore chopper. Yeah, I know... disc brake! I dig it. You'll see more of it in GKM soon.


BOB'S BLOG said...

I couldn't agree more mate!

Roger Chambers said...

Nice to see Shovel's becoming popular again....given the price and rarity of earlier motors it's no surprise. Mine should be on the road in about two months...mid winter!

matthew said...

i had pizza with matt tonight, that bike is what dreams are made of.