Tuesday, May 25

Remembering Maz Harris

Now I'm supposedly a full time magazine editor, it's easy to trace my influences in terms of custom bike journalism. In the US, David Snow got my attention. In the UK, it was always Maz Harris. From his columns in Back Street Heroes to his writing in his own title Heavy Duty, from his great book 'Bikers' to his appearances on programmes like the 'Classic Motorcycles' series, he was always eloquent, thoughtful and no-nonsense.

And he wasn't just writing about the life like everyone else, he was living it to the maximum degree. I can't believe it's ten years since he died. I always saved anything I came across by him or about him; he was the genuine article and I miss his writing.


Blue said...

It will be 10 years on Monday since Maz was killed. I can still remember exactly where I was that night when I got the phone call, and the horror of having to make countless calls throughout the night to tell people.

Maz got me into this game, he drummed into me that you should always write well, no matter the subject, and, ten years on, I still miss him.

Rowan said...

Good old 'Doc'... i have fond memories of him and Shaun drag racing in the street with no helmets and very little front brakes... still think of him from time to time... extremely eloquent he was...