Wednesday, January 6

Shovelhead: a 15 year journey

We've all wondered whatever happened to a favourite bike... and recently I found out.

I bought this FXWG (done up like an FL) in two-tone blue livery in 1995 from some geezer on the Isle of Wight when my '76 FL was stolen (see previous posts). It changed colour and style a bit, then in 2001 after it had been put into a rigid Santee frame (middle pic), I sold it shortly before heading to Australia. A nice bloke called Sean bought it.

Through a friend of a friend, Sean contacted me recently to tell me he still had it... and with photos of how it looks now (top). He and his brother own a few cars and bikes between 'em (including two Pans) so we'll try to hook up this summer and complete the circle! The bike definitely looks better than it's ever done I reckon...

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