Wednesday, January 20

Coincidentally, lid-wise

I just got an email about bike lifts (see below somewhere) from Dave in Brisbane, and after replying I checked out his website/Blog and found this great image which I hope he doesn't mind me half-inching.

From Mad Max 1 (the purists' fave, but I think Mad Max 2 is da one) ... Bell Star and Moto Star lids. With goggles too... rockin'!

Check out Dave's super cool Blog Oldtimer Workshop.


ZZ chop said...

Those silver mirror visors rule!
Hen's teeth probably!

zip said...

Told Benny they were cool!
Well except when their two sizes to big and leave 35 years of rotten foam on me bald head!

CycleDelicCycles said...

Road Warrior better than Mad Max??? You MUST be joking.