Sunday, January 31

Issue 13

Yep, it'll be at your favourite retailer this week... or you can order from us by clicking on the top image to the right>

New logo… but same crackin’ quality. Quality bikes, quality writing, quality photography.

Issue 13’s cover star is Mark Blanchette and his ‘66 Bonnie chopper… a tribute to marijuana! We also bring you no less than four panheads… Nobu’s ‘52 chopper from Tokyo, Brian Harlow’s ‘Minnow’ from the good ol’ USA, Ollie’s beefed-up-bobber from Belgium, and Paul’s period-perfect custom from SoCal.

What else? We ask Simo which he loves more, his VL Harley or Indian Scout… we talk to TXDennis about another of his survivor customs, this time a ‘55 T110 built in ‘67 and amazingly unmolested since then. You’ll also get to meet Dr Who… nah, not that one… Atom Bomb Clay’s ‘62 Thunderbird; Teach's amazing Krusty Knuck; and we also bring you great show coverage from Sweden (choppers) and Scotland (the world’s biggest Indian meet).

Cor… what a treat, eh? And of course, Irish Rich is here again with his super-cool column…

Get ‘em while they’re hot.


Scarlett said...

Can't wait!!!

Stuka said...

Mag just class as usual..!!