Monday, January 11

Bitter PIL

I read that PIL may be performing again to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Metal Box album(s).

Yes, performing, not reforming, because apparently Levene and Wobble still despise each other.

I like their music better now than I did in '79/'80... and I liked them a lot then. Metal Box still sounds jagged and fresh... more than you can say of a lot of music of that time.

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23bricks said...

They were touring the Uk in December, I saw them at the Electric Ballroom on 22nd Dec as Bruce, the drummer is an old friend.... I also saw that the old punks who stayed punk have gone to seed with good belly paunches and bald patches in amongst the spikes.
They were better than before as they have got better at playing now clean..
They are doing some dates in the states later this year.