Saturday, January 9

Middle age shred

Hey, no chopper site is complete without some skateboarding cred these days eh? So here ya go... I took these in (I think) '76 of my best pal Martin in our local park.

There was only one place in our part of London where you could buy Kryptonics, Gullwings, decks etc... and it was a guy importing and selling stuff out of his house. We skated every day, and the local council even built a half-pipe in the park... every kid was into it.

Catamarans were in, handstands, slalom... none of this jumping off rails crap!

And yes, I have some shots from the same reel of me on a board... coming soon, ho ho.

In the meantime, this site is brilliant for old blokes like me re-living the real glory days of skateboarding:

Middle age shred

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Trawler said...

I've been on there for over four years.
I'm getting past middle age now!