Saturday, January 23

Jimmy's '47 Tiger

Jimmy the Saint... Motor City Jim... he goes by many names, but suffice to say Jimmy Le Vold is a choppin' guru. Just check out his Pan in issue 1 of GK (if you can find a copy!)... it's still one of my favourite bikes.

Jimmy sent me some photos of this '47 about 18 months ago... not sure if he finished it or sold it on, but you can see how cool it looks 'as assembled'.

He said: "Hey Guy, here's a couple quick pics of the old Triumph I tossed together. I just got it running today. Bike was a pretty complete original that was last on the road in '65. Let me know if you want some more shots. Happy 4th... uh .... you don't celebrate that over there.
Jimmy. (Guess I forgot to pull the oil can out before I took the pictures; it's even old Valvoline.)"

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