Wednesday, January 20

Crusty, musty, lovely

My missus despairs of the junk I collect... a room full of old chopper mags, bags full of vintage jackets and cupboards of old lids that will never be worn. I reckon I'll end up one of those old men who starts collecting household refuse and leaving dirty plates in their bed, who has to be forcibly removed to a care facility by the local authorities, raging until the end comes: smelling of urine and still trying to grab the nurses' bums.

Well, you have to have a retirement plan, don't you?

In the meantime, here's one of those 70s helmets all the Japs wear... a Griffin fullface. Except they buy the mint Clubmans at £450 a go ($732)... plus shipping. Mine isn't mint, it's crusty, and hardly big enough to fit a Japanese child. Gotta love that factory metalflake and pink liner though... crazy, man.

1 comment:

Rowan said...

When they do cart you away mate can i have a Rummage through it all..... ;)