Monday, January 25

Issue 3... 15 copies left!!

I just shipped a big order yesterday and suddenly discovered that I'm very nearly out of issue 3.

It's one of the best we've produced... with a thick card pull-out centrespread of Sinners Danny and Nelson on their top-notch Knucks shot by the Flyin' Dutchman; plus a feature on Steve Uhl's awesome Panhead; and some of my other all-time favourites like GK correspondent Johnny's flathead, Davide from Italy's Panhead and Tony Blain's VL bobber from Oz.

There are NO more of these and there will be NO reprints, so if you want one, order NOW!! Also, bear in mind that once I have run out, some retailers will put their price up on this issue.

There will be a SOLD OUT sign up in the GK webshop once they're gone.

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tiptopdadddy said...

GKM#3 is my fave issue so far...and I still have a stash of them.