Tuesday, December 4

Let me tell you about Sweden

The Stranglers didn't think much of Sweden. Perhaps it was a different place when Hugh Cornwell lived there in the early seventies. He evidently isn't into bikes; he left the motorcycling to Jean-Jacques.

To prove The Stranglers wrong we are going to publish a feature on this bitchin' Triumph chopper, bought to our attention by our mate Ulf Forsberg. It's not just the clouds that are interesting on the eastern front.

I wrote a letter to the NME about The Stranglers in 1977 – I was a big fan – but they didn't publish it.


jester said...

Nice chopper by Roger http://alcatrazmc.blogspot.se/

WhitelinePsycho said...

No surprises re the non publishing of your letter mate, not with all the staffers so intent on self-legend making . . . Hugh, Jean-Jacques and company were banned from doing their Queensland shows back in 1980,and you guys thought Maggie was a tyrant !!! Nice Trumpy too, to get back to bikes.

Roger Chambers said...

The Swedes have really got it going on....and have done for many years. For me they have kept to the purity of Choppers and Bobbers. My good mate from Italy Captain Blaster, has been connected to the Swedish scene for a long time , he encouraged me to visit when I was living in Italy, unfortunately I wasn't able to....it's still very much on my list.