Friday, December 12

Ozbike 2

So here's the second spread from the Ozbike feature on my Panhead (see part 1 below).

I thought I'd try to sell the bike (to finance our trip back to Blighty) and use the mag feature as a selling point, so I put the word out and stuck the bike on eBay.

Now I'm a pretty straight talking bloke, so I'm always amazed at the stuff that comes out of the mouths of the dreamers you attract, like moths to a flame, when you advertise something like this. "I'll buy it off you" said one guy, then found he didn't have the funds when it came to the crunch. "I definitely want it" said another, before trying to negotiate on the already attractive no-reserve price. "You're talking to the new owner!" gushed another bloke, then ignored my emails when he was actually offered the bike.

It seems so simple to me. You want it? Let's see the cash. Job done.

I can see I'll be shipping it back to the UK; not the best move for my finances, but at least I won't have to deal with any more tyre kickers and wannabes.

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