Tuesday, February 14

Influences: Terry's Panhead

If you have the curent issue, you will have read the feature on Mike Bennett and Terry Godschalk's '37 big-inch flatheads.

I had first seen one of Mike Bennett's bikes in Iron Horse magazine in the mid-nineties, and the style of bikes he was building made a huge impression on me. But I had never made the connection between his friend Terry and this Panhead (above) until Terry sent me scans from issue 158 of Iron Horse. It's him! This bike was also a huge influence on me... as you can, ahem, see.

I continue to be amazed by the series of coincidences that mean I am now talking to the men who built the bikes I was so influenced by in the past. Say what you want about the Internet, but it links like-minded people like nothing else.

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