Tuesday, February 21

Square Eyes

I know I'm preaching to the converted, but what I really like about Tyler and Kyle at Lowbrow Customs is that their business has grown organically from their longtime love of motorcycles; they are not some johnny-come-lately scenesters who see their new-found motorcycling bros as a source of income (and believe me there are lots of businesses that fit that description out there.)

They also run a tight ship and have an enviable business ethos: they treat their customers right, don't rip them off and package everything beautifully. Oh, and they are nice guys to boot.

OK, ad over.

During the recent snowy weather, I sat down to a couple of Lowbrow-produced DVDs... the Salt Ghost and the EDR. Both are very watchable, but the EDR film particularly made me yearn for sunny days, long rides and beers with good friends. Even better, I kept spotting familiar faces... Sumo, Walter, Tyler, Jimmy, Caleb, Jeff O, Bill & McGoo... as well as my old tanks on Tyler's Panhead! It's nicely shot, narrated and edited... and is well worth whatever it costs to get it to your door.

Good inspiration for summer... something I need a lot of right now.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but they stopped shipping to Indonesia! Arggghhh!

Apparently my countrymen have been ripping them off! Assholes spoil it for everyone honest.