Tuesday, February 21

Over a million page views – so who's gonna win the PRIZE?

I don't look at the counter on this blog often, but I did just now and it indicates 1,009,400 individual page views. Not sure what that means, but it sounds like rather a lot.

So to celebrate, one lucky GKM blog reader will receive a brand new, sealed copy of the Lowbrow Customs' excellent "Salt Ghost: Return of the Nitro Express" DVD.

All you have to do to win is answer this two-part question about the magazine:

Which issue of GKM appeared in our first ever blog post in 2008? And who built the bike on its cover?

First correct answer emailed to choppers@greasykulture.com will win the DVD.

Here's a taster:

1 comment:

Cycle Nazi said...

Great Movie...Wes, Tyler, Four Aces, Lowbrow are stand up dudes and companies...Great Job!!