Thursday, February 2

Hero is an overused word

Can't remember when, but Matt Davis told me long ago about this guy he knew in Italy who had a normal nine-to-five job but had for years nurtured a dream of riding an old Indian on the Wall of Death.

Most of us of course would slap ourselves and get on with paying the gas bill, but not Davide. He saved and saved and searched and searched until he found himself the happy owner of an original Wall, and two Indians.

I finally met him in Verona and had a chance to talk to him about his plans and look at some progress photos.

Matt has been relating Davide's extraordinary story with some great photos on the DicE blog, so read more about him there. Davide's my new hero. (There, I said it.)


Gareth said...

That is "... As cool as shit!" (or as they say in Australia ) yeah ... yeah yeah .. no ... no ... no...! (Strange? You have to spend some time here ... to really understand!)

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Funnily enough I interviewed one of the blokes who used to own that Wall recently. He's got a Harley museum in Holland.