Tuesday, February 7

Influences: 1996

In the mid-nineties I was soaking up chopper influences from anywhere I could find them... which in those pre-Internet days was largely magazines. I was into Danny Lyon's photos; I was hanging around some of the London Hells Angels; I was riding a soon-to-be-hardtailed Shovel; I was working out what I liked and why I was so drawn to early style customs.

I saw Chris Brown's Pan-Shovel in the 1996 BSH Yearbook and liked it enough to keep the cutting to this day; '53 Pan bottom end with a '79 Shovel top, sitting in a '56 straightleg frame with an original springer. Allowing for current preferences for skinnier rims and drum brakes, this bike would be cool today... And remember, hardly anyone was riding bikes like this in England back then.

Photos by – who else? – Garry Stuart.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Fantastic mate, as you said, not common then, still cool now, and that's some pedigree of ejamakayshun you've been gifted, too good !!!

Neo Dutch said...

Didn't get yearbooks in Oz. Pissed they never ran it in the mag proper.