Wednesday, February 15

Chicken poo for you?

Saw this the other day at Benny's shop and fucking love it.

And now Benny has it up for sale.

You won't get a fresher-from-the-barn 45 than this... or a more authentic krusty kustom.

It was discovered at the back of a chicken coop on a smallholding in Arizona and has an interesting history; it was apparently abandoned by a film company after being used as a prop in the 1967 biker flick 'Barbarians from Beyond'. The owner of the smallholding used it for a while until the early seventies, during which time it appeared in a couple of other bikexploitation movies including 'The Pillagers' (starring a young Harvey Keitel) and 'Bend Me Over Easy, Baby'. When the bike's generator went south in '72, it was loaned to a bar in Phoenix to hang from the ceiling and was finally put to rest in the chicken coop on its return to the owner in '77.

Course it wasn't, but it should have been.


Knuckle Buster said...

That is sweet! I need a close up on the shifter/clutch situation on this one! WTF is going on there?

Guy@GK said...

Jeff... the shifting linkage is crazy, with pulleys and wires and crossovers leading to the wrench shifter on the right hand side of the tank.

I will try to get a close up from Benny.