Friday, August 17

UK's best panel truck for sale

I put this on Ebay last week and kind of kept it on the down-low but as some friends spotted it and then kindly spread the word on their blogs, I may as well advertise the Dodge here.

If you're interested, you'll know the specs by now.

I can deliver, within reason. Buyers in Europe are welcome.

I want around £15k or will take a p/x (bike/WHY) with the vast majority of cash my way. I've seen some comments about it being expensive: grow up... try building or importing something like this for the money I'm asking. It's had major (and tasteful) chassis and body modifications. And what I'm asking covers just the cost of getting it here, on the road, and sorting out some minor niggles with it.

Recent MOT and (free) tax. I've driven it up and down the country with no issues. I am selling because I have to pay the taxman and I don't have a garage big enough for it (and winter is peeping from around the corner).

If you are interested or know someone who might be please email me at