Saturday, August 4


I only live about 55 miles from the sea, so as I had a rare Saturday with no family commitments, I headed for the water.

Cloudy skies, fish 'n' chips, pint of bitter, meandering country roads, picture postcard villages, bike on song, what could be better?

And I like Whitby. You can always feel Dracula's presence, even when the sun's out.


dave herr said...

looks like a great time guy

goosegreen_63 said...

Great keep posting stuff like that it keeps me home sick all the time ,i also love whitby,i also used to live that close .Every time i come back i go for the pies and tee,watch the goths and take some pic,s.

rottnrob said...

You lucky guy,Wish i could go there and have some fish and chips