Tuesday, August 7

Flip-flopped left footer

"Never trust a man who chooses to kickstart his motorcycle left-footed, wearing inappropriate footwear. If he also favours a trilby, you may assume he is a bounder".

It's one of the nuggets of essential information to be found in the sought-after 1937 publication "Motorcycling and Freemasonry", but Steve is evidently the exception that proves the rule.

Skinny Love, soon in GKM.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Classic, not two words* you expect to see side by side either . . . a bounder and a cad I say !!!!
*Motorcycling + Freemasonary that is.

steve marshall said...

Ha !! I've never though of myself as being morally reprehensible...Looked through that sought after publication and might put my application in to the Widows Sons !! but i think i'd get black balled !

lucky23design said...

That old Ironhead will teach him the appropriate lesson eventually, trust me. Nice bike though!

steve marshall said...

Kicking it fully advanced ain't appropriate either but i guess i just got a good un....love your 72 Lucky.