Thursday, August 23

Explains a lot

Whilst most of the other boys at my school were buying 'Shoot', I was spending my pocket money on magazines like this.

I bought this at WH Smith before I had ever even sat on a motorcycle, and consequently these are the images that sprang to my young mind when anyone mentioned bikes or bikers.

We weren't allowed bikes because my mum worked in the local hospital and used to warn us about the motorcyclists brought in with their brains sloshing around inside their helmets, but luckily my best friends were allowed them, so my youth was spent on borrowed Puch Maxis, FS1Es, KH250s and even an 'acquired' Honda C90 (my first police caution).

But all I ever thought about was how much I wanted to look like James Dean and ride a proper bike.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Excellent blurb mate, I also wasn't allowed one c/o my mum, didn't quite work out as the deterrent she had hoped it would either, just strengthened the resolve, I think she realised it was a lost cause by the end of primary school, God bless 'em.

Andy Morgan said...

Luckily my late father was en ex biker so I was allowed, I did get the obligatory sermons re the dangers though. When my mates were reading shoot I was looking at the Yank Chopper mags and later on Easyrider and Iron Horse. Happy days