Thursday, August 18


A blast from the past.


Blue said...

Still have a couple of copies of the BRM around the office somewhere...

garry stuart said...

Hi Guy, I copied a bunch of old Windsor Chapter b+w pics for the Big Red Machine mag. I have many more but was 'told' not to use them for anything else!
John Carroll was the editor and I did a number of feature under the name Davis FOC of course.

Btw I see you are doing stuff for HOG mag now as am I.
Poachers turned Gamekeepers or what?
Garry Stuart
not sure if my first comment went through

Guy@GK said...

Garry... HOG?... shhhhhhhh.

Blue: have you seen how much these mags go for on Ebay?


Sidevalve Sid said...

Putting the BRM mag together was a great time of stories and beers with a couple of the HAMC Windsor guys. You know I'm very flattered when something I had a hand in years ago turns up here or somewhere now. It's nice to think that it's stood the test of time and that, in a small way, I added something to the scene. Motorcycling is a solitary pursuit for me these days but I think about things like this when I'm pottering along on my Harley and some guy screams past on a Jap rocket. Seeing this on here has made me smile this morning, thanks GK. Caz