Thursday, August 18

What's my name?

Why does the life I lived over thirty years ago feel more real than the one I live now?

Am I getting old?


F.T.T.L. said...

Everything new used to be exciting.
Now everything new is annoying.
Kerry Katona, HarvesterS, Pendulum.
Embrace the HATE.

Roger Chambers said...

Funny you should post this Guy, I was talking with Pete at the shop today, about how everything in the 60's and 70's seemed so real. All the so-called reality shows are just crap and of course just the opposite to reality. One thing we were talking about was Zap comics and the artistry of Robert Crumb, way too un-pc to publish today. The fun police have taken control of reality I reckon.

Guy@GK said...

Dunno what it is... I think maybe it is just a generational old fogey thing. That clip of the Clash reminds me how much music meant then... how it was life-reflecting and life changing. I guess kids today have bands that mean as much to their lives... but you're right, life is so manufactured now.