Tuesday, August 2

Drag strip racer

In case you didn't know, Pete Stansfield is a long-time racer, wringing the necks of everything over the years from rally cars to a nitrous Hayabusa drag bike.

One of the best experiences of the Hayride for me was being able to accompany Pete through the various stages of racing during the Saturday, from being first to arrive (after two hours sleep for me), to scrutineering ("who knows anything about bikes?"), the racers' briefing, qualifying, the final and the trophy presentation.

Unfortunately his Triumph ran a bit rough compared to the practice runs last week, but well enough to give Gary's 350 Goldstar some competition in the final. The bike's frame design unfortunately necessitates the rider's knackers resting on the very edge of the frame's spine where it attaches to the rigid rear end; after about the fourth run, I was truly beginning to understand the expression 'balls of steel'...

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