Monday, May 23

Yokohama streets

On the weekend of the Mooneyes show there seemed to be something interesting roaring past whichever road we were crossing in Yokohama. I'm still trying to process how good this show was, six months later.

Who's going this December?


Leedog said...

Gotta love those Hidemo Guys, that narrow striker is one of my favs. yes bud, yokohama all the way!!! id like to go with you, better call jimmy monk and stevie.

steve / stockers said...

I think Mr stansfield said i gotta go with see you there.

Angry Hippie said...

im hearing you guy... that was the coolest show ever!! ive just started to process the fact i went!the japanese people are so lovely they rule, and there machines well... thanks to buzz and the boyz for a trip of a lifetime!

please can i go again honey