Monday, May 30

The long way up... via the Italian Motor workshop

The Stockers Tea Party was a great bash... great to ride and drink and laugh with friends. Thanks Steve for making the effort to put it together.

The Pan ran like a champ there and back... about 620 miles. It spewed oil (mainly because I over-filled the tank) wherever it stood and blew its front wheel bearing seal. So on the way back up north I stopped at Italian Motor Magazine HQ and my brother Adam helped me investigate whether the bearings were mashed or could take another couple of hundred miles' abuse.

With the help of a Frosties packet (slightly thicker than Shreddies) we created a cover for the blown cork seal which worked a treat. We repacked the bearings but Adam discovered there was at least a couple of mm lateral movement in the wheel once it was tightened down. Bearings? Worn spindle? Lost shims? Combination of all?

Dunno. Rode it anyway and only got rained on for 150 miles straight. My shiny pipes became shitty pipes.

Thanks bro! xx


txdennis said...

ya earned them shitty pipes hah

Stevie.. said...

well done bud nice to see you and glad you made it back ok, that's quite an epic journey..