Saturday, May 14

Chatting up the local birds

Nice wake-up ride this morning... about 50 miles.

There was one other bike in Helmsley, and the bloke kindly gave me his ticket for the car park. Maybe the power rangers were on duty elsewhere... or maybe the cold and threat of rain kept them indoors watching Superbike DVDs.

No one to chat to except the local birds, who were very friendly. Sparrows? Fucked if I know. Oh, and Baron Feversham. He has a posh pub in the town.

Sun came out for the ride home. Local cattle obviously hear enough bikes not to be worried by the noise.

Bike's running well. Which worries me... what does it have in store for my big trip in two weeks' time?


matt said...

Great post bruv. Ah, those sort of mornings are the best.

23bricks said...

So much better than london....last week I wanted to get my motor properly hot just to see what's what or not, so in my lunch break I headed out of town.... that consisted of M3, turn onto M25, turn onto M4, back to work. The weather, road and bike fine, environment shit.

Stevie.. said...

Man and machine in perfect harmony,see you in 2 weeks bud