Sunday, May 22

Nice rear fender

And that lid's bitchin'.

Reckon my boy's Fire Chief special might be a tad faster than my Pan, too.


corky said...

I had a helmet like that, a police one and i think a fire one too. This brings back memories, thanks for putting it up, I'm laughing now!

I check regularly on here too and like the blog

Guy@GK said...

Funnily enough my first encounter with Plod was as a 13 or 14 year old on the back of my best friend's 'found' Honda C90. I was apprehended wearing a toy helmet just like that one, except it was white. Happy days!

Nobbi said...

I had the same Helmet 38years ago.
But with checker flags.

Guy@GK said...

It's got the checks Nobbi... they run in a strip over the top of the helmet!