Thursday, May 26

Issue 21 is in-store now!

Shipping early next week, the new issue features Jeff Leighton's slimline '68 genny Shovel on the cover, and all this sweetness inside:

Frank Kaisler's column: Pete’s studio
Jeff Leighton’s ’68 shovel chopper
From Oz, Mark Austin’s UMG-based bob-job
Hawg Holic Gak’s crusty ’38 Knucklehead
Griff’s S&S Panhead... Garage built!
Chop-job tribute: Dan Henke’s ’47 UL
Death Science Tim’s ’61 Pan chopper
Pure (old) gold: Dan Collins’s ’58 Dodge Panel
Feel the Love: Ian’s Love Cycles-built ’39 Knucklehead
From Tokyo, Nishi’s ’48 Panhead
Jeremy Thomas’s swingin’ 1980 shovel

You can pre-order a new subscription or the brand new issue HERE!


Blue said...

That's a sweet cover.

Guy@GK said...

Thanks Blue... another one by Mark Kawakami, my main man in SoCal.