Tuesday, February 1

So that's where it went!

If you remember my post last August about Flathead Phil's bike in BSH, you'll know it's a cycle that really influenced me (and many others) in the early '90s.

I was trawling the UK Ebay listings today and came across a 45 for sale, and something about its pipes and sissy bar looked familiar enough to make me refer back to the original feature.

As you can see from the number plate, it's the same bike.

The owner says he bought it in '96 off a friend who was heading to the States. Not surprising. Heading for the source. Wonder where Phil is now?

Here's the bike on Ebay if ya fancy a punt. (Don't think the addition of the disc brake, horrible tyres, massive seat and paint job over the years have helped it any.)

1 comment:

Benny said...

well spotted Guy,

I saw the bike on ebay and it didnt register that it may have been that one.
I remember it being featured and always liked it.. in it's balck and flame guise