Wednesday, February 9

Fast bikes (yes, I've had a couple)

For 20 years now I've had an old Harley in the garage most of the time.

In the early nineties, my '76 Shovelhead was my sole transport (no car) but as I got better paid I started to keep a second bike, usually a winter hack, for use when the Harley was down or in hibernation. These were usually small capacity Hondas (Benlys etc), although I did once have a CB750 with a top end rattlier than my teeth on a Yorkshire winter morning.

Then in about '97 I bought a '94 Hinckley Trident (one of the first), and loved it. By the time I got to Australia ten years ago I was yearning for a Speed Triple, and got this one off my boss at the time for a song (hence the 'just got it home' smile).

I had this bike for about five years and 45,000 miles and loved it. For me, it was fast. Roger used to show me all the best roads in the Blue Mountains and around Mount White... good times.

Anyway, I'm back to one bike and a low income now and miss that T509. I think this is the only photo I have of it.


Steve@strathbran said...

Speed Triple was the one and only brand new bike Ive ever had, I loved it, my wife hated it, wish I'd kept it!!!

steve / stockers said...

Only sold my ducati 748s last year, wish i hadn't cuz i know that will be a real classic in about 10 years or so..