Saturday, February 26

Jason Jessee 'Here Comes Trouble' article, Iron Horse Aug '96

I promised to post these spreads from Jason Jessee's second feature in Iron Horse magazine when I put up the Bikerider shots last March.

Well it's taken nearly a year but I finally dug this issue out... #144 from August, 1996. Can't quite believe this mag came out nearly fifteen years ago.

Do I need to repeat how influential these pieces in IH were? Fuck no!


Trawler said...

For me, there is something really epic about this article.
Got my magnifying glass out and studying it!
So rad. thanks for posting Guy

tiptopdadddy said...

Still looks fresh. Kev and I were talking about him last night.

Bedwyr. said...

This is my all time favourite bike!

Jet City Jughead said...

That bike changed things for me.

I didn't see it in '96. Fuck, I'd just graduated from high school.

However, in 2001 when I moved to Seattle, I sold my '56 Ford Victoria, bought a '63 Panhead, and somehow found Nelson's site. Jason's bike was on the site and I was mesmerized.

Five old bikes later, and I'm still mesmerized.

I hope you're doing well Guy.