Monday, February 14

"Tries hard, but shows little aptitude. C-"

"Spring term, 2011. Guy has displayed occasional bursts of enthusiasm for the subject this term, but generally his mind has been elsewhere. His attempts to solve the relatively simple rear brake equation were ultimately fruitless with the re-lined shoes still binding in places even after extensive sanding."

"I fear his lack of aptitude for the task at hand, his evident frustration and unwillingness to follow experiments through to their conclusions means that he might be happier in a more remedial stream."

"I have discussed this with Mr B Thomas and he has agreed to give Guy the one-on-one assistance he obviously needs for the rest of the term."


Rowan said...

that Mr Thomas is heavy on detentions... watch yourself guy or he'll have you making tea for weeks on end !!!!

Quaffmeister said...

If I were you you fella me lad, I'd get it down to the metalwork room and skim that drum.

Stevie.. said...

Beard weaving it is then....see ya sunday bud.

Milo said...

try putting the springs on the other side of the shoes (ie plate side not drum side), so that they don't pull the shoes into the spinning drum and scrape. my maths teacher taught me that. maybe.