Friday, February 11

Nice to see you, to see you nice

I can't claim to know Mark Drews very well, but from the few times I've met him and chatted to him, he strikes me as a genuinely nice man, unaffected by the chopper-hero-bullshit-hype that seems to infect one or two equally-revered names on the bike scene.

I remember at Born Free 2 when I was stuck behind the stall, he ran up through the crowded alley next to Pacific Cycles (escaping the hordes of wellwishers and fans around his bikes) just to shake hands and say hello. Again at Yokohama, he was friendly and happy to chat to anyone who showed an interest in his amazing Triumph.

The image above is from GKM issue six.

It was good to see you again Mark. You're a gent.


matt machine said...

its nice to hear, thats blokes like him are just normal blokes.

"LOUIE" said...

That pan/shovel is one of my favorite bikes. Its stance is spot on. Great look and even better parts.