Tuesday, August 3

Winners are grinners

Benny won the GKM/Hotride Hayride trophy on Sunday with his '51 Panhead.

Ask Pete: I really fretted over this award all weekend because there were so many top-notch motorcycles in attendance.

In the end, I made a choice in the same way I choose all the bikes for the magazine. What would I most want sitting in my garage... right now? The fact that Benny built the bike himself and has a long and dramatic history with it just confirmed my choice. This bike is peachy, has been tailor made to fit its owner, and I think it reflects what the mag has always been about.

Well done Benny. You are a top bloke and you have built a top bike. And thank you Trawler for the loan of your lovely photo.

(Look out for a feature on Benny's Panhead soon in GKM...)


Pete Stansfield said...

Fretted for pint after pint! there was only ever one winner though, i love a happy story, and a classy bike. Smileyface.

Quaffmeister said...

Nice bike, nice bloke, well worthy
Good call Guy