Thursday, August 19

SOLD: Old chopper parts for sale :SOLD

This stuff has sat on the shelf for too long.

1. SU carb in good order with Panhead manifold (but they work well on Shovels too). Will polish up well. One small dimple on manifold (3rd pic down). £125
2. Wassell peanut tank. Has seen some action and lots of paintjobs. Has surface rust inside and out but nothing bad or structural. No tabs, but some have obviously been removed in past. £125
3. Steel trumpet muffler. But it ain't gonna muffle anything because it's straight-thru. Probably off some old racer. Inlet is 1 3/4" ID, other end is 3". £18

All sales via PayPal. Email me at if you want any of this stuff. First come first served etc.

I will ship anywhere, fast, at your expense.

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