Monday, August 2

Lowbrow Holeshot

After seeing a bit of roundy-roundy action at the Hayride, my long-latent flattrackuality is starting to reveal itself. After Gary Inman at Sideburn Mag sent me a flyer about flattrack lessons, I've been giving the ol' metal shoe some serious thought. Perhaps I could learn in time for Tyler & Kyle's Lowbrow Holeshot in September...

No, perhaps not.

Never mind, we can still be proud sponsors. If you're anywhere near Ohio in September, don't MISS IT!

1 comment:

Knuckle Buster said...

Now you're talkin' Guy! I was thinkin' about heading out there next month. Come on over. I'll through together another 45 Flat tracker for you. I'm probably only about 6 hours away.