Saturday, October 31

A ride to Dracula's hometown

Pete and I decided to ride out to the coast today. We headed for Whitby, inspiration for and home to Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel. Stoker was drawn to this North Yorkshire fishing village, and though it's pretty it's also definitely a little creepy. (I'd be able to show you, but left the camera at home).

As a bonus (it's Halloween of course) we arrived in the middle of the annual Whitby Goth weekend, and watched whole families of Goths parading along the seafront, and pale Goth girls being photographed lying on gravestones in the churchyard, which sits high on the bleak hill overlooking the harbour.

It was a strange day: two 50s bikes in the middle of crowds of 80s Goths celebrating a 1900s novel and a 0000s pagan festival.

And I forgot how filthy you get on muddy country tracks with no front fender.

1 comment:

Knuckle Buster said...

Guy, It looks like the Pan is transforming nicely. It is taking the natural progression. 100% stock to mildly stripped to... where ever you wanna go from there.
Every time I see it there appears to be another stock part missing. I am still waiting to see that fender flap get tossed...