Wednesday, October 7

Crazy Orange

Leedog, the South Welshman whose neat lathe-green Ironhead chopper is resplendent in the next issue, mentioned this Japanese shop to me as one of his influences. And I can see why... this '70 XLH is just perfect.

Check 'em out here if you haven't already for more short-forked, super-compact, perfectly proportioned custom madness.


kerr said...

leedog and his ride are both super cool, met 'em up at drags .. and Guy apologies again --- funny tho just checked crazy orange site, and gallery and what pops up first...trump/bmx bars etc -- read my mind.. all best K

Anonymous said...

search on youtube for アイアンタイガー (iron tiger), it's another bike they made that is pretty similar. sounds and looks killer.

Nobbi ノビー said...

ironhead rules!!