Tuesday, October 13

"I blew motors as often as I changed tyres"

"Hi Guy, noticed you like a drag pic or two on your blog, so sending this from the late 70s... a before and after of my supercharged 6T... oh and I've still got that gearbox, you don't see many Triumph Pre-units running in the 12s over a standing quarter... this is what happens to them when you try too hard.... there was quite a large group of us running old Pre-units back then, this was taken at Long Marston, but not to worry we were only paying about 300-350 quid for a 6T motor... God knows how many times we did this to them..... I personally blew motors probably on a par with changing back tyres. Use the pics or not as you decide mate, cheers Rowan".

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tiptopdadddy said...

Great post. Love the trailers, err caravans.