Friday, October 9

Good stuff inside

The way I feel about W&W reflects the ongoing contradictions I am aware of in my own personality.

I am a fierce exponent of do-it-yourself, punk rock ethics, whether it applies to work, life, motorcycles or music, but I am also a trained designer who is a sucker for beautiful product design and branding.

So while I hate the idea of getting a big catalogue of bike parts delivered, I actually love the reality of how nice W&W's book is. You may already know that I ran one of their VL springers on my previous '55 Pan, and I don't think I've ever been as impressed by the quality and service from an aftermarket company.

The packaging for their catalogue rocks (hey, I even got a t-shirt in the box!) and it's designed with love. Hell, yes, they're expensive, but sometimes a bit of quality is refreshing in this world of make-do and mediocrity.

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Irishjon said...

I stsarted buying parts from W&W when I was back in England for a while and have stuck with them since I came back home to New Zealand. Fiercly expensive over here but they always deliver quickly, well packaged, and have been really helpful when I have questions. Didn't get a free T-shirt with any of teh catalogs though. My kid like teh German sweets that that throw in sometimes.