Thursday, October 1

Happy Ist October

Another day closer to my first British winter in 8 years. My anxiety about cold, wet and icy roads is building.

But never mind, 'True Romance' was on TV last night, and one of the highlights (and there are many, for me) is Gary Oldman. He brings a certain bubbling insanity to every role he plays. The other highlight of course is the Christopher Walken/Dennis Hopper scene in the trailer.

Oh well, less sunshine means more time for old movies.


migg said...

That movie is pure genius. One of my favorite lines is when they walk in to the meeting with the Lee and the bodyguards are patting them all down.
Clarence show them that he's carrying,
Boris: I'll take that.
Clarence: You're gonna have to.

Super71 said...

"It must be whiteboy day"