Friday, October 2

"In those days you couldn't just open a fat catalogue..."

In the 70s in England, building a chopper was a test of your passion and ingenuity. As Rowan (above) says, you couldn't just open a Custom Chrome book and order your parts... you had to make your own or adapt what you had.

Had a great chat with Rowan about the chopper scene in England before there were bike shows or readily available aftermarket parts. He built showbikes and street choppers, from Nortons to Triumph 6Ts ("The best English bike ever built for the normal guy on the street"), from Knuckles to flatheads.

Check the story and some more great photos in the next ish.


missinglink said...

Nice one . That Rowan`s a top fella.

rowan said...

been called alot of things but never a 'top fella', cheers darling, my ears were burning... ha ha